Planning, Trade, Tourism & Co-Operative Development


To look into all matters related to county planning and development, including statistics, land survey and mapping, boundaries and fencing, including markets, trade licenses (excluding regulation of professions), fair trading practices, local tourism and cooperatives societies.


The committee on Planning, Trade, Tourism and Cooperative Development was constituted by the House on October 18th, 2017 comprising of the following members:

Hon. Hassan Yusuf Mwasipho Chairperson – ODM
Hon. Fatuma Hamisi Masito V/Chairperson – ODM
Hon. Pokea Bakari Sikukuu Member – JP
Hon. Manza Beja Beny Member – KANU
Hon. Swaleh Bakari Simba Member – JP
Hon. Mwinyi Khalfan Mwassera Member – ODM
Hon. Josephat Chirema Kombo Member – ODM
Hon. Patrick Mangale Nyawa Member – ANC
Hon. Mwanasiti Mwadzogolo Member – ODM

Planning, Trade, Tourism & Cooperatives Development